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The Cannona Erosion Plots represent the most long-lasting experiment for runoff and soil erosion monitoring in north Italy. The experimental plots are part of a of a larger vineyard, managed in according to conventional farming for wine production. The Institute for Agricultural and Earthmoving Machines (IMAMOTER) of the Italian National Research Council (CNR) initiated a research program in the "Tenuta Cannona Experimental Vine and Wine Centre of Regione Piemonte" (Tenuta Cannona CSV) in 2000, with support of the Office for Agricultural Development of Regione Piemonte. The primary intent of the program was to evaluate the effects of agricultural management practices on the hydrologic, soil erosion and soil compaction processes in vineyards.

This website is addressed to water and land management researchers, teachers and professionals. It describes the experimental site and includes data, results and documentation about the Cannona Erosion Plots.

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